Internal Halyard flagpoles (like our Vanguard Series) are a more secure and sleek option than the typical External Halyard flagpole. The key difference is that the roping mechanism sits on the inside of an Internal Halyard flagpole whereas it's just the opposite on an External Halyard flagpole; this key difference means the Internal mechanism requires a few extra parts. Match the numbers below to those corresponding on the diagram:


The TRUCK houses the pulley mechanism that allows the rope to come up and down, and is also the "cap" for the flagpole. The Truck pictured would be one that revolves, meaning it allows the flag and roping to orbit the flagpole with the wind. The vast majority of Trucks have a threading at the top the accept an ornament (e.g. gold ball or cross).


The FLAG ARRANGEMENT is a piece of cable that holds the flag, and since the cable, snap hooks, and links are all in a fixed position, a flag arrangement is made specifically for a certain size of flag. The Flag Arrangement attaches to the main cable/rope at the top, and to the retainer ring and counterweight at the bottom. For flags 8X12' and larger, an additional piece of cable and a spring are typically added above the arrangement for additional load capacity.


SNAP HOOKS are the clip mechanism that "hook" onto the grommets of the flag. Usually nickel, stainless steel, or brass, SNAP HOOKS are affixed to the top and bottom of the flag arrangement with carabiner-style links and are fixed in place at the length of the cable. NOT all Internal Halyard poles come with a flag arrangement, so in this case, the Snap Hooks are tension-looped onto the rope. Flags 8X12' and larger usually have a middle grommet and require a third snap hook.


The COUNTERWEIGHT (either 3.5 or 7 LB) affixes to the bottom of the flag arrangement and is what allows the flag to be lowered and not get stuck at the top. A dual benefit is that the Counterweight keeps the cable/rope taut when a flag is flying in high winds, and prevents the roping from falling inside of the flagpole when there isn't a flag present.


The BEADED RETAINER RING is a piece of cable covered in rolling beads (attached to the same link as the counterweight) that wraps around the circumference of the flagpole, preventing the flag and roping from blowing "away" from the flagpole. The Retainer Ring also keeps the flag close to the flagpole for ease of changing out flags or hardware. Less commonly, some retainer rings are just cable without the beads.