Our flagpoles are made with flag size in mind, so it is important to know what your flagpole can handle.

For example, most 25' flagpoles are rated to handle a 4X6' flag, but if the flagpole is only rated for 50 MPH flagged wind speeds, then leaving a flag on the pole during storm season is sure to damage the flagpole over time. The rope mechanism will weaken and, in extreme cases, the weight of a wet flag can bend or create fractures in a flagpole. Luckily, our Commercial Grade Flagpoles can handle almost twice that and our Residential Flagpoles do just as well.

Likewise, some flagpoles are rated to handle flagged wind speeds that most of the USA doesn't experience. In the case of an under-utilized flagpole, you can usually get away with the next flag size up. For example, a 25' flagpole with a very high wind rating can usually handle a 5X8' flag. Another option is to add a second flag to the flagpole: for a 25' flagpole with a very high wind rating, you can fly a 4X6' flag on top and a 2X3' flag below it. We recommend flying less than double the amount of weight the flagpole is rated for.

The following chart is shows standard flag sizing for each respective flagpole height: