SKU:   VAN20

Size: 20'


The Vanguard Series of flagpoles from Flags Unlimited feature an internal halyard system to protect the flagpole from vandals. This flagpole is more suited for commercial settings. The halyard is easy to operate using a stationary truck and cam-action cleat located within the flagpole, behind a lockable access door. The flagpole comes with a variety of standard accessories including a gold ball ornament, flag snaps, and spun aluminum flash collar

Each flagpole includes the following:

• Gold anodized aluminum ball ornament

• Cast aluminum revolving truck on all flagpole models

• 5/16" Nylon wire center halyard

• Swivel flag snaps w/vinyl snap covers

• Retainer ring and counterweight

• Stainless steel quick link

• Cam action cleat (accessible behind a lockable access door)

• Spun aluminum flash collar

• Galvanized steel foundation sleeve

Professional installation for Michigan residents only. Upon checkout, the installation rate on the table below will be applied to the order. Our customer service team will follow up and schedule an installation date. Please allow for 3-4 weeks for completion of the installation.

Flagpole Specs & Installation Prices

Flagpole Exposed Height
Flagpole Total Length
Butt Diameter
Top Diameter
Max Flagged Windspeed
Suggested Flag Size
Installation Price
20' 23' 5" 3" 120+ MPH 3X5' $430
25' 27' 5" 3" 104 MPH 4X6' $537.50
30' 33' 5" 3" 75 MPH 5X8' $645
30' HEAVY 33 5" 3" 91 MPH 5X8' $645
35' 38.5' 6" 3-1/2" 91 MPH 6X10' Call for pricing
40' 44' 7" 3-1/2" 91 MPH 8X12' Call for pricing

Available in standard satin finish. We also offer clear, bronze and black anodized at additional cost. If you have any questions, please call 616.243.2600 or email us at